16 Hectar Land For Sale – Desa Tambakan

16 Hectar Land For Sale – Desa Tambakan

16 Hectar Land For Sale – Desa Tambakan. Located in main area with good facilities, this is a perfect place for an hotel or resort investment. With a perfect spiritual atmosphere, it’s also a nice opportunity for those who are looking for a place for a spa, or retreat space. Great opportunity for the value.  

1. Location : Desa Tambakan

2. Price : Rp. 25,000,000 / Are

3. Property Status : SHM (Sertifikat Hak Milik)

4. Land Area : +/- 160,000 M2 (1600 Are / 16 Hectar)

5. Facility : Access Road 6 Meter, Electricity.

Description : 

From main road to land location, drive down +/- 500 Meters, until reach the small river to the Land Border. This location have :

– 3 source of water

– 1 Campuhan ( blessing, healing etc )

– Land border small river( 3 directions ) and mountain forest ( 1 direction )

– Aura Spiritual from the Top of the land very strong and positive

– Triangle Bermuda Spiritual ( in Hindu Brahma, Wisnu and Siwa )

– Recommendation Shape of Building “Bajra”

Please contact us for more information by filling out the inquiry form below or calling us +62 0813 386 406 82

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